What To Do After a Flood? Recovering Your Losses

If your home or business has been affected by a flood, the damages can be devastating, but insurance companies only allow 60 days to process your claim. As such, it is important to setup your flood claim as soon as possible. All of theĀ damages must be appropriately documented to have a successful claim. We have provided a few tips to help, but recommend that you hire an attorney to guide you through the process. If you think we canĀ help, Give Us a Call or Text at (214) 699-6524 or email us at awooley@wooleylaw.com for a free case evaluation.

First: Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance agent or insurance company immediately to setup a claim. All you need is your policy number and an adjuster should contact you soon after. If an adjuster has not contacted you within a day or two, follow up with your insurance company.

Second: Document Your Damages

Do not throw away damaged property. While it may seem obvious that you had a refrigerator and furniture inside your home, insurance companies will deny compensation if these losses are not properly documented. The following are a few ways to document your damages:

  • Take pictures of all the damages inside and outside of your home or business, including the roof, floors, walls, furniture, electronics, clothes, and any standing water.
  • If possible, find receipts, values, and date of purchases for any damaged property.
  • Make a list of any items you cannot find, including jewelry and family heirlooms.

Third: Complete a Proof of Loss

A Proof of Loss is a sworn statement made by you for your amount of damages. If you have a Standard Flood Insurance Policy, you will need to file a Proof of Loss within 60 days of the date of loss or within any extension of that deadline made by the Associate Administrator for Federal Insurance. Your insurance company will try to help you fill it out, but often times they undervalue your loss. If you disagree with their evaluation, do not sign the Proof of Loss. By signing it, you are swearing that the information is true and correct and you may lose out on compensation you deserve.

Before signing a Proof of Loss, it is important to properly document all damages sustained in the flood. Since you only have 60 days to file this form, gather this information as soon as possible. If you think we can help, Give Us a Call or Text at (214) 699-6524 or email us at awooley@wooleylaw.com for a free case evaluation.