Texas Bed Bug Bites

Have you been bitten by a bed bug and can’t sleep? Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites that leave red itchy bite marks on your skin. They come out a night a feed on their hosts while they’re asleep. As you can imagine, this can be a traumatizing event for some people and cause extreme mental anguish and insomnia. If this has happened to you, document everything you can and take pictures of the bites and bed bugs, if possible. It’s important to hire a bed bug attorney that knows what he is doing.  If you have been bitten by bed bugs at a hotel, Give Us a Call or Text at (214) 699-6524 or email us at awooley@wooleylaw.com for a free evaluation.

Where They Live

Bed bugs can be in every corner of your room. They can be found in walls cracks, floor cracks, mattress seams, baseboard backs, furniture, sheets, frames, and electrical boards. Their living places and nocturnal behavior make it hard for hotel guests to know that they are there.


The first sign of bed bugs may be a couple of red bite marks on your skin. These marks will be in line because bed bugs tend to bite in a straight line, contrary to other insects that bite scatteredly. The bites are very itchy. Normally bed bug bites don’t spread any disease of any sort. But if the bitten person scratches the bites too much, the skin has a possibility to break in and get infected easily.  For people who have an allergic tendency, these bites can be deadly as well. Swelling of the throat, frequent sneezing, and continuous itching of the body can cause great harm. Sometimes people also have difficulty in breathing because of excessive swelling.


There are two ways to treat bed bug bites; treatment at home and visiting a doctor or clinic. You can use a corticosteroid cream to help with the itch. But if it shows signs of infection, having an expert opinion is needed. A doctor will prescribe an antihistamine, corticosteroid, or epinephrine pills, injections, and/or antibiotics depending on the nature of your infection. If you plan on bringing a claim against the hotel, it’s important to have a doctor’s opinion regarding the cause of the bites and the severity of the symptoms.

How to Kill

If you were bitten by bed bugs, you should clean all the items you brought with you. Using pesticides is a good option. And with infested clothes, wash them in hot water with a minimum temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’ve been bitten by bed bugs, Give Us a Call or Text at (214) 699-6524 or email us at awooley@wooleylaw.com for a free evaluation.