$67,501 – Settlement

Car Wreck Accident

Our client was a young mother with prior back surgery.  She was driving in downtown Dallas. Another driver failed to yield the right of way at an intersection causing her to hit his vehicle. He was insured by GEICO. The impact was minor but aggravated our client’s prior back injuries.  She incurred $24,670.56 in medical expenses. GEICO claimed her treatment and medical expenses were unrelated to the collision.  We received GEICO’s policy limits of $30,001. Then, filed suit against our client’s underinsured motorist coverage and received a settlement of $37,500 prior to the trial.  A contingent fee charged on the successful recovery resulted in attorney’s fees of $24,000.33 and $1,895.45 in expenses, which were reimbursed by the client out of the gross settlement amount. Net to Client: $31,481.83