$66,577.12 – Verdict

Car Wreck Accident

Our clients were traveling to work in the HOV on 635 in northeast Dallas when a driver tried to cut into the HOV over the white pickets and collided with our clients’ vehicle. Luckily, our clients only suffered soft tissue injuries. The other driver was insured by Allstate. Allstate’s top offer was $3,506 for the driver and $3,275 for the passenger.  At trial, the jury awarded $53,735 to the driver and $12,842.12 to the passenger. A contingent fee charged on the successful recovery resulted in attorney’s fees of $27,000 and $1,675.62 in expenses, which were reimbursed by the client out of the gross settlement amount. Net to Clients: $25,242.39 & $3,795.26