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  • Mr. Wooley is one of the best attorneys out there...he stayed on top of things. . . .  Andrew also always answered my calls and if he couldn't answer he always called me back and kept me informed with what was going on with my case. I strongly recommend Mr. Wooley if you are in need of attorney..i was very pleased with the results of my case. Good job Andrew and thank you very much.

    S. Jimenez
  • Heaven sent. I was told by the insurance company that I did not have a claim . . . Mr. Wooley informed me that I did have a claim and he would fight the insurance company for me and he did exactly that. I received the maximum amount possible from the insurance company and I got it quickly without any hassle. If it was not for Mr. Wooley I would have not pursed the case and would have walked away from thousands of dollars that was entitled to me. I have never wrote a review before but wanted to let you know, if you are looking for a lawyer to represent you or your family, Mr.. Wooley is your best choice. Mr. Wooley and his staff are extremely professional, competent and caring, he will get you everything that you are entitled to. Mr. Wooley, is my lawyer for the rest of my life....I am overwhelmed by what he did for me and you will be too.

    W. Harris
  • I was hit by an 18-wheeler and suffered an eye injury. Mr. Wooley and his staff got me full compensation for my injuries!

    L. Brown
  • At first, I hired one of the big personal injury firms in Dallas. They dropped my case because the insurance company denied liability. After I hired Mr. Wooley and his firm, the insurance company immediately accepted liability and I received full compensation for my car and medical expenses and extra money in my pocket.

    C Berry
  • Andrew Wooley is very kind and caring. He’s professional and serious about representing you and he gets to work right away. He was so helpful to me when I was involved in a hit and run car accident. He took my case immediately and was able to fight for me against the other drivers insurance company. He helped me replace my car and get a settlement for my injury. I would recommend him to anyone who are is involved in a motor vehicle accident. He’ll take control and fight for you, you don’t have to worry about it.

    Y. Barnhardt
  • With at least 2 other attorneys dropping my case and finding myself out of my depth with fighting the insurance company, I felt defeated... Im very grateful for the persistence in finding the facts and getting me compensation. Thank you Sir Wooley!

    E. Gonzaga
  • State Farm would not even consider being fair with my claim. I was asking for $10,000.00 and State Farm would not consider it. After much diligence, we were awarded the $10,000.00. I am very happy!

    Michal G.
  • Attorney Andrew Wooley is best attorney...he found the person hit & run but insurance companies told me we don't know him or his out of the country. Finally,I got my compensation I deserve with this attorney and thanks a lot.

    A. Gebrie
  • Andrew is a great lawyer - he was timely and always kept me informed. He's a great listener and definitely the type of lawyer you can tell cares about your case. I highly recommend Andrew as a lawyer - he did all the work for me and I got exactly the results I wanted!!

    Caroline D.
  • Andrew Wooley did a phenomenal job taking care of what I needed handling. He was extremely professional, diligent, and actively involved. I had innumerable questions for Andrew throughout the process, and whenever I needed an answer he would promptly reply. Within a very short time frame, Andrew achieved the result I desired. Going forward, I will without a doubt refer my friends and family to Andrew for his services.

    Paul S.
  • Mr. Wooley showed hard work and persistence on my case. His selfless work has been a blessing to me and I am sure it has been to many others. It is men like him who will inspire others to think outside of themselves to try and help others.

    Terry B.
  • Mr. Wooley made a bad experience feel like no hassle, he was always very informative and made everything clear for us. The process was long but he kept a good attitude towards us and the resolution was better than we could have expected, he went beyond to reach the most beneficial resolution possible.

    Adrian F.
  • Andrew has been an absolute pleasure to work with. My husband was in an accident where he was hit as a pedestrian. There were three insurance companies involved and Andrew was patient and kept us in the loop during the entire process. Not three months after my husbands accident I was hit by an uninsured motorist. Andrew helped settle that case very quickly as well. Andrew is professional and very quick to respond. Thank you for everything Andrew!!

    Brittany B.
  • Andrew Wooley was very helpful and professional. He was very patient with me and kept me always up to date about my case. I would definitelyrecommend him to my friends.

    Ana V.
  • I enjoyed Andrew Wooley in general as a person and as a lawyer. He did an amazing job on keeping me on task with the necessary paperwork that was needed for my case. Great time managing and very easy to talk to. Communication was simple via text and email, which was good for me to be able to contact him in case of emergencies. I recommend him for the fact that he gets things done!

    Genesis D.
  • Andrew is pretty awesome, he was very helpful! He helped me in a tremendous way, he was always on time never had me waiting for long at all. I recommend him to anybody I come across that needs help.

    Kaylee A.
  • Andrew is the best attorney to have. He helped me with my divorce and kept me informed every step of the way. He makes "business" seem more like a friendship. I would have never thought anyone could make a divorce seem so smooth, like he did.

    Tabetha V.
  • I was hit by a hit and run driver. I tried to settle my case for 2 months. I finally called Andrew J. Wooley and he had my case settled within 2 days for the full amount.

    Andy D.